Monday, 8 October 2012

Velocity Europe

I have attended Velocity Europe Conference. Here is what I learned:

Tools for web performance
  • HTTP 2.0 - Will be decided what it will include in about a 1,5 year. It will be based mostly on SPDY
Useful tips:
  • Do not implement Javascripts that block. You can use option async + defer (for IE). Then it will not block your page load event, what makes your page beter for google robots and higher in google searches (Google has 3,5 seconds metric for Page Load). Every JS that does not block should be loaded in the bottom of the page and ones that block should be included on the top. Use Modernizr for javascript dependency
  • If you add a resource in the page starting with https://address or http://address, just use //address
  • Add performance metrics to DoD
  • Allow business to measure RUM (Real user monitoring)
  • Learn every day is the reason for working, otherwise change your work! (From facebook guy)
  • Take risk. Otherwise you want learn. (Same guy)
  • Site performance means money for business
  • It is better to develop a native application on the mobile if you want a fully featured one. It is almost impossible to have one fast rendering on Android and IPhone.
  • Do not keep server 200 days without restart. It is not updated or it can broke down. (That's why windows 95 had to be restarted. Some unix also had Magic number bug, so they worked only about 200 days)
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